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Hello, today I would like to write a lot about

Hello, today I would like to write a lot about ""interesting episodes of domestic travel"" There are more people who travel abroad, but after all I am very fond of domestic travel that I can feel free to go It is! Well, I think that various memories can be made on a trip, but among them, there is an episode that makes me laugh even if I remember now! That is a story about a trip when I went to Aizu, but it was a trip with a lot of people I met with my family besides me! At the gathering time, everyone started smoothly and was aiming for a destination while enjoying various things, but there is an accident! How, there are no baggage that should have been put in the trunk ... No way, thief! Is it? I thought but the problem was that no one was watching the luggage since my mother put the baggage in the trunk, then suddenly my mother with a loud voice ""Ah!"" ... ... everyone's attention gathers ... ""I might have packed my car with luggage,"" because my trip went with my father's car, my mother put my luggage on my car with his usual habit He got angry or laughed loudly ... Mother has been using natural plants everyday, but I certainly did not think it was here! It was a bit tough, but this is also a good memory now

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