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Today's overseas trips are also good, but you do not have to worry about w...

Today's overseas trips are also good, but you do not have to worry about words again Domestic trips are a good thing to enjoy with confidence. Taking a fun episode of my domestic trip, I can tell you the train trip unique to the country. Among them, I think that it is a trip that used the youth 18 ticket, but if I say an interesting episode, I would like to give you a trip ""Osaka suburban section big round trip"". This is a petit trip that you can do with JR 's ticket price, but the rules are roughly three. JR ""ride only in the suburban area"", ""do not go through the same station twice"", ""Do not go out the station until you get to the destination station"". I took a day off on weekdays, I decided to travel this train! In the opposite direction to everyone going to work, the appearance of leaving the city center and being shaken nonstretely by ordinary train was somewhat funny sight of something like ""Who are you?"" There are memories that the local line seems to be known and goes through stations you do not know, JR has abundant souvenir booths in the station premises, and the intention of petit has become quite a trip. Raw Hachihashi who bought in Kyoto and came home was delicious. With this, train fare 120 yen is already funny and funny. I think that domestic travel, not just going far away, is quite a fun episode.

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